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Dark Chocolate Mousse shots (Eggless)

   Desserts   March 7, 2016  Comments Off on Dark Chocolate Mousse shots (Eggless)

Do you know that Mousse was originated in France. Mousse can range from light and fluffy to creamy and thick, depending on preparation techniques.A mousse may be sweet or savory.Dessert mousses are typically made with whipped egg whites or whipped cream, flavored with chocolate, coffee, caramel, puréed fruits . It is stabilized with gelatin….

Bachelor’s Chicken ( No Ginger & garlic )

   Chicken Recipes,Non Vegetarian   December 14, 2015  Comments Off on Bachelor’s Chicken ( No Ginger & garlic )

Hello my dear foodie friends 🙂 it’s been few months that I posted any new recipe in my blog , I was so busy with my new job and my studies . Since I was  in Montreal I do not have access to my props and camera . Recently I got my…

Achari Chole

   Vegetarian ,   September 30, 2015  2 Comments

I was bored of eating Chole the same way how I make , so while searching for something different I  got the recipe of Achari Chole Paneer by Farrukh , since I had very less paneer I decided to make only Achari Chole , and I must say that it…

Kaanji Wada

   Indian snacks   September 25, 2015  Comments Off on Kaanji Wada

I always try to remember my first interaction with any dish which I eat it. It brings so many good memories back & by god grace I do remember those. I try to always do that , no idea why ?? I find it interesting when you think back & imagine how you…

Cocoa Brownie

   Bake the cake,Desserts ,   September 24, 2015  Comments Off on Cocoa Brownie

Who doesn’t love eating brownies , I am no exception 🙂 Back in India in CCD we get these sizzling brownies and we use to find reasons to eat them. Fighting over who will lick the chocolate sauce , I guess people go childish when it comes to chocolate or anything related…

Lobiya Masala Curry ( No Onion garlic )

   Vegetarian ,   September 18, 2015  Comments Off on Lobiya Masala Curry ( No Onion garlic )

Whenever I cook something I always look back as to when and where did I actually start eating a particular veggie, legume or fruit. There is always a memory related to each and every food I tasted. Do you also do that ?? Honestly I was a fussy eater when…

Gulab Jamun from Milk Powder

   Desserts   September 16, 2015  Comments Off on Gulab Jamun from Milk Powder

I am sure most of you know how to make gulab jamun at home , but it gives me immense pleasure to share my experience & tips of even very popular & easy recipes. Getting Mawa or khoya here  is little difficult but unavailability of something cannot stop me by making my…

Boondi Kadhi

   Vegetarian ,,   September 14, 2015  Comments Off on Boondi Kadhi

Few days back one of my friend Shaheen Ali from ” spoonforkandfood “posted this super easy yet delectable recipe of boondi Kadhi. Being a kadhi lover I was blown away with the idea , I am not only a Kadhi lover but I love boondi too ,So the next vary day…

Puran Singh da Tariwala Murgh

   Chicken Recipes,Non Vegetarian   September 13, 2015  Comments Off on Puran Singh da Tariwala Murgh

Hello people 🙂 After I moved to Torornto the first Restaurant I went for a proper North Indian food was ” Khazana by Sanjeev Kapoor ” , while scrutinizing the menu I came across a very Interesting dish called ” Puran Singh da Tariwala Murgh “  the description says ” Chicken cooked in a…

Paneer Methi Matar Malai

Do you like to check the color of the food before eating , what color due to generally prefer , for me if the gravy is reddish , bright & shining I love them 🙂 do you think it’s crazy 😛 I hardly get attracted towards white gravies . You…