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Hello foodies, 

Glossary of some commonly used Indian Spices & their common usage are listed below :

 English Name  Hindi Name  Common Usage
 Cumin seeds  Jeera  In tempering
 Black cumin seeds  Kala jeera
 Big mustard seeds  Sarson  In curries, In tempering
 Small mustard seeds  Rai  In tempering
 Aniseeds, fennel seeds  Saunf  In desserts, Pickles ,some curries
 Asafoetida  Hing  In tempering
 Basil seeds  subja, falooda seeds, tukmaria  In ice creams, smoothies
 Bay Leaf  Tej Patta  In curries
 Black cardamom  Badi elaichi  In spicy curries, biryanis ,For fragrance in rice dishes
 Green Cardamom Choti elaichi In spicy curries, biryanis ,For fragrance in rice dishes ,For making tea ,Desserts, dips
 Black pepper  Kali mirch  In curries, In juices ,
 Black salt  Kala namak In lemonades, fruit juices,
 Caraway seeds  Sahi jeera, shahjeera  In rice dishes , curries
 Carom seeds  Ajwain  In breads ( Paratha, poori ) , snacks
 Cinnamon  Dal chini  In curries, masala tea
 Cloves   Laung  In curries, rice dishes, masala tea
 Red chilly powder  Laal mirch powder  In curries, veggies
 Coconut desiccated  Sukha nariyal ka choora  In desserts, In curries
 Coriander powder  Dhania powder  In curries, veggies
 Coriander seeds  Gota dhania/sabut dhania  In curries
 Dry mango powder  Amchur   Its used to give tangy flavour to any kind of food
 Fenugreek seeds  Methi
 Dry ginger  Saunth
 Mace  Javitri  In biryani
 Nutmeg  Jaiphal  In soups
 Onion seeds/Nigella   kalonji, Mangerla   In tempering, In making Indian breads ( Paratha,Pooris) ,In making of snacks ,Pickles
 Poppy seeds   Khus khus , Poshtu  In curries,  in chutney
 Star anise  Chakriphool  In biryani , In curries
 Turmeric Powder  Haldi  In veggies, curries, with Milk
Yellow mustard seeds  Peela sarson  In curries


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