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Eatable radish flowers

   D.I.Y corner   March 30, 2015  2 Comments

Lets make a beautiful eatable radish flowers for dinner table 🙂      Gather : Radish ,slicer, knife , tooth pick Process : 1. Wash the little radish & slice them ( thin slices) using a hand slicer  2. Gather the slices together & give a cut as shown below  3….

Egg lady

   D.I.Y corner   July 19, 2014  No Comments

Plant Vase with cloth pins & Tuna tin

   D.I.Y corner   July 19, 2014  No Comments

GATHER UP : 1. Cloth pins 2. An empty tuna tin ( u can use any tin you want ) INSTRUCTIONS: Start putting the cloth pins around the empty tuna tin covering from all side. Voila 🙂 you have your new cute small flower vase ready 🙂 I used it to…

Flower vase with used juice bottles

   D.I.Y corner   July 19, 2014  No Comments

Gather up : 1. Empty juice bottles 2. Glass paintings 3. painting brush 4. Duct tape How to do ? Wrap the bottles with duct tape & make designs. Fill the empty areas with glass painting 🙂 THINK..IMAGINE…& CREATE different patterns

Revamp your old flip flops

   D.I.Y corner   July 19, 2014  No Comments

You need 🙂 1.Old flip flop 2. Old scarf Isn’t it so damn easy 🙂