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Ghee Chicken Masala

   Chicken Recipes   July 21, 2016  Comments Off on Ghee Chicken Masala

Who doesn’t love chicken 🙂 I too love eating chicken , specially post workout , thats my favorite piece of protein.I eat chicken 3-4 times a week, my favorite being grilled, baked or some time curry. Some time I crave for this masaledar aka spicy dry chicken . Last week I…

Drumstick Potato curry

   Vegetarian   June 29, 2016  1 Comment

Moringa oleifera aka Drumsticks is one of my fav vegetable. I have so many beautiful memories with this protein rich vegetable . Back in India during summers , I face this weired problem of my skin coming out from both my hands, it happens due to extreme heat and as a kid it was…

Silky Paneer Makhni

   Paneer Recipes ( Cottage cheese )   June 24, 2016  Comments Off on Silky Paneer Makhni

Some time I think as why do we eat out ? Since when this culture of going out and eating in fancy restaurants started ? Is this for comfort , or get a break from cooking or a status symbol . Every individual have different reasons may be . Some…

Chicken with Lemon garlic cream sauce

   Chicken Recipes   June 23, 2016  Comments Off on Chicken with Lemon garlic cream sauce

Please welcom my  new favorite chicken recipe that’s topped with a lemon garlic butter cream sauce!  I’ve gone completely head over heels for this recipe , the reason being it’s super delicious and super creamy . Its damn to easy to cook and for a change from my normal daal-roti 🙂 To make…

Tawa Paneer Masala

   Paneer Recipes ( Cottage cheese )   June 8, 2016  Comments Off on Tawa Paneer Masala

Some time I crave the smell of an intense Indian tadka, the swiftness of a quick-to-make meal and some protein. Paneer is one such protein which you can find in any Indian refrigerator. It can be cooked dry or in a luscious semi-dry gravy or even in a light and creamy one….

Murg Kalimirch ( Pepper Chicken)

   Chicken Recipes,Non Vegetarian   June 3, 2016  Comments Off on Murg Kalimirch ( Pepper Chicken)

My ” Ka ” cannot get bored of eating Chicken , so every time he buys chicken he make sure that I cook it in a different way , but his personal favorites are  ” Dahi Murg” and  “Methi Murg ” . So this time I thought of making ” Murg Kalimirch…

Bachelor’s Chicken ( No Ginger & garlic )

   Chicken Recipes,Non Vegetarian   December 14, 2015  Comments Off on Bachelor’s Chicken ( No Ginger & garlic )

Hello my dear foodie friends 🙂 it’s been few months that I posted any new recipe in my blog , I was so busy with my new job and my studies . Since I was  in Montreal I do not have access to my props and camera . Recently I got my…

Achari Chole

   Vegetarian ,   September 30, 2015  2 Comments

I was bored of eating Chole the same way how I make , so while searching for something different I  got the recipe of Achari Chole Paneer by Farrukh , since I had very less paneer I decided to make only Achari Chole , and I must say that it…

Lobiya Masala Curry ( No Onion garlic )

   Vegetarian ,   September 18, 2015  Comments Off on Lobiya Masala Curry ( No Onion garlic )

Whenever I cook something I always look back as to when and where did I actually start eating a particular veggie, legume or fruit. There is always a memory related to each and every food I tasted. Do you also do that ?? Honestly I was a fussy eater when…

Boondi Kadhi

   Vegetarian ,,   September 14, 2015  Comments Off on Boondi Kadhi

Few days back one of my friend Shaheen Ali from ” spoonforkandfood “posted this super easy yet delectable recipe of boondi Kadhi. Being a kadhi lover I was blown away with the idea , I am not only a Kadhi lover but I love boondi too ,So the next vary day…