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This is the most memorable road trip I had in Canada , visiting the most beautiful Village in Quebec Perce is an experience in itself. Percé is a small city near the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec, Canada. I took the below pic from the car when we entered the city of Perce , it was breathtaking & mesmerizing seeing this beautiful village from the hills.


Perce is mainly a tourist location particularly well known for the attractions of Percé Rock and Bonaventure Island. We decided to roam around the city & then went for a cruise ride to see the famous Percé Rock and Bonaventure Island. The city itself is a masterpiece of god. With blue sea, greenery, flowers all around, beautiful & colorful houses ,it’s like a painting , a poetry in motion.


We were staying in a perfect location, close to the sea beach & the rock . I felt I was in heaven, words are not enough to express the beauty of this place, you need to feel it .The fresh air ,the blue water, everything is beautiful & serene.

our house


Percé Rock (French Rocher Percé, “pierced rock”) is a huge sheer rock formation.It appears from a distance like a ship under sail.It is one of the world’s largest natural arches located in water and is considered a geologically and historically rich natural icon of Quebec. It is a major attraction in Perce. I was in love with this natural formation so we decided to shoot this rock from all the directions and it was just beautiful from each angel.


Then we went on cruise to the Bonaventure island which has an area measuring 4.16 square km. 293 different species of birds have been recorded as visiting, migrating to, or living on Bonaventure island.The most common bird found on the island is the northern gannet ( Sea bird). The island is home to one of the largest colonies of gannets in the world.


Other populous colonies include the black-legged kittiwake and the common murre. Bonaventure Island has been an important source of inspiration to numerous artists and poets. You canget down in the island if you wish and you can have a close encounter with the birds.The last ferry picks tourist from the island at 5 pm. If you miss the ferry you will be stuck in the island overnight 😛 . Our group  was not interested in seeing the birds so close, so we dropped the plan to visit the island.The cost of the cruise is 30 $ per adult & if you wanna stop by in the island its extra 8.50$ .


You can do lots of activities here if you are an adventurous person like Boat excursions,Whale watching excursions, Sea kayak, Scuba diving, Fishing,  also there are beautiful Walking trails. You can simply take a walk & feel the beauty on the place.


Most of the time when we go on trips we cook & eat like crazy ,this time we decided not to focus on the food much 😛 but if you are a sea food lover this is the place for you .Fish and seafood take the center stage, but there is also Gaspesian lamb, smoked salmon, daily made bread, wild berries, honey and various local products. Since we took our own grocery ,we cooked our own breakfast & dinner & ate lunch outside.We had lunch at a local restaurants & had delicious sea food.The market place is small but still you can buy lots of souvenirs. I picked a beautiful boat which is very popular & picked a small cute tiny tea cup with soccer. You can find small boats in different colours & style.They look so damn pretty.


I hope you enjoyed this little virtual tour of this beautiful & mesmerizing place. If you ever get a chance do visit this place 🙂



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