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Photography is so damn addictive and it’s true .Even in sleep you keep thinking about it and then u wanna wake up early to get your thoughts into execution. last night I saw a pack of cherries in my Fridge, before eating I wanted to capture them & was waiting for morning 🙂

Cherry…oh I simply love them,little red bunch of cuties full of health-benefiting nutrients and unique antioxidants. So this morning these little beauties got a chance of small photo session with me. Trust me guys I am not a photographer ,I have no idea of photography but still I love capturing food. Since I started blogging I have been clicking pics for my recipes. When I see some experts I feel so J ,Y cant I click like them ,I question myself ?? answer is simple ” You need to learn Chahat “…so I am learning & I have a long way to go.Let me share few pics I took today ,luckily my lord sun was in good mood & I had lots of natural light 🙂


They say ” One must ask children and birds how cherries and strawberries taste. ” I can tell as well 😛




Health benefits of cherry fruit

  • Cherries are one of the very low calorie fruits; however, are rich source of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Both sweet as well as tart cherries are packed with numerous health benefiting compounds that are essential for wellness.
  • Cherries are pigment rich fruits. These pigments, in fact, are polyphenolic flavonoid compounds known as anthocyanin glycosides. Anthocyanins are red, purple or blue pigments found in many fruits and vegetables, especially concentrated in their skin, known to have powerful anti-oxidant properties.
  • Scientific studies have shown that anthocyanins in the cherries are found to act like anti-inflammatory agents by blocking the actions of cyclooxygenase-1, and 2 enzymes. Thus, consumption of cherries has potential health effects against chronic painful episodes such as gout arthritis, fibromyalgia (painful muscle condition) and sports injuries.
  • Research studies also suggest that anti-oxidant compounds in tart cherries help the human body to fight against cancers, aging and neurological diseases, and pre-diabetes condition.
  • Cherry fruits are very rich in stable anti-oxidant melatonin. Melatonin can cross the blood-brain barrier easily and produces soothing effects on the brain neurons, calming down nervous system irritability, which helps relieve neurosis, insomnia and headache conditions.
  • Further, they are also mild source of zinc, moderate sources of iron, potassium, and manganese and good source of copper. Potassium is a heart-healthy mineral; an important component of cell and body fluids that regulate heart rate and blood pressure.
  • The fruits, especially tart cherries are exceptionally rich in health promoting flavonoid poly phenolicanti-oxidants such as lutein, zea-xanthin and beta carotene. These compounds act as protective scavengers against harmful free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) that play a role in aging, cancers and various disease processes.


In short here are 5 reasons why you should indulge yourself in eating cherries :

  1. Ease aching joints
  2. Guard your colon
  3. Control cholesterol
  4. Help your eyesight
  5. Improve your sleep



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