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Makara Sankranti is a Hindu festival celebrated in almost all parts of India in a myriad of cultural forms.
Makar Sankranti marks the transition of the Sun into the zodiac sign of Makara rashi (Capricorn) on its celestial path. The day is also believed to mark the arrival of spring in India and is a traditional event.

Being away from home its difficult in freezing cold to celebrate the festival the way I want, but still never let go the spirit .It is celebrated with distinct names and rituals in different parts of the country. In North part of India specially in Punjab it is celebrated as ‘LOHRI ” so today I cooked a Punjabi Thali to celebrate the festival.Dressing up like a true Punjaban I celebrated Lohri 😉 My Thali Includes :

  • Chole
  • Aloo-Matar
  • Cucumber Raita
  • Ajwain Paratha
  • Til-papdi
  • Seviyaan
  • Maa cholyaan di daal
  • Rice

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