Aam Gura (Quick Sweet Mango Jaggery Pickle)

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I grew up in a locality with lots of Bihari people around.My mom use to prepare this for me as I love Meetha achar,it may be mango or Berry .So this is for you Mom 🙂



  • 2 Raw Mangoes chopped into small pieces
  • 1/2 cup Jaggery (crushed)
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1 tsp Panch foron
  • 1 Dry red chillies (optional)


  1. Wash and dry the mangoes. Peel the skin and cut them small cubes.
  2. Heat the oil in pan then add 1 tbsp Panchforon, and 1 dry red chillies.
  3. Be careful not to burn the whole spices. when it release the aroma add the mango pieces, salt and fry on medium flame for 2-3 minutes or till the mangoes are tender.
  4. Add the jaggery (If you are using jaggery slabs try to grate them ) & 1/2 cup water.
  5. Cook it on low flame for 7-10 minutes and you will see the jaggery melting & mixing with the mango. Cook till all the water evaporates.
  6. You will left with a semi Mango Pickle.
  7. Preserve it or eat it then & there. Its such a Yummy pickle.Kids will love it . 🙂 Ting !!!!

What is a Panch Phoran

Panch phoran , is a whole spice blend, All the five spices in panch phoron are seeds.Typically, panch phoron consists of fenugreek seed, Kala jeera (Mangrela), cumin seed, black mustard seed and fennel seed in equal parts.Unlike most spice mixes, panch phoron is always used whole and never ground. Traditionally, panch phoron is used with vegetables, chicken or  fish, lentils, and in pickles.




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