Hot Balloon Festival-Festival International des Montgolfière

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Festival Mission
“Giving Life to participants in the international event, a unique experience combining the spectacle of hot air balloons, entertainment and dissemination of arts activities, and by remaining attentive to the needs of the community while promoting economic development and tourism.”

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Festival started in 1984 when the Board of Trade, Tourism Office and the Upper Richelieu Economic Council looking for a way to promote tourism and develop the economy of the region during the summer season.Bob Burch and Dave McLeod, two amateur Balloon living in Montreal, then the idea of ​​proposing a balloon festival. Both had noticed that the geographical location and climatic conditions of the area made it a special area for balloonists to practice their sport in ideal conditions.

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In 1985 , the festival gets a permanent structure.In 1992 , the event changed its name and became the Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

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